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Talent Strategy

1, vigorously implement the "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, adhere to the people-oriented concept, in order to strengthen personnel quality and ability construction as the core, to optimize the personnel structure as the main line, to the training and selection of high level talents as the key, to the innovation of working mechanism of people as a driving force, to strengthen the talent incentive as the breakthrough point, firmly grasp the cultivation, use, retain talent three links, gathering all kinds of talents to create the environment, play the role of human capital, for the sustainable development of the company and become bigger and stronger to improve the effective personnel guarantee.

2, firmly establish "people-oriented" concept of modern human resources management. Establish the everyone can become the idea not to stick to one pattern, selection of talent, to the right people to do the right thing, do the right thing with the right people, let the performance benefit of candidates, candidates, build first-class team, first-class performance.

3, focus on the construction of the four teams. One is the construction of a dare management, administration management team; but the construction of a tough, good at Daying Zhang marketing team; the three is to build a high level of science and technology, has strong ability to innovate, to speed up the progress of science and technology, the core competitiveness of enterprises to enhance scientific and technological personnel; four is the construction of a excellent skills, dedication, professional high-quality technical staff.

4, based on the internal human resource development, introduction and development simultaneously, focus on the development of the training mechanism; development and characteristics of all kinds of talent personnel, the establishment of enterprise staff training system, the important basis and qualification training and continuing education as a result of the appointment, employment, occupation qualification, the flow of talent, the annual assessment, the promotion and renewal of professional and technical positions and other matters of.

5, deepen the reform of the internal distribution system, establishing a competitive salary system. Adhere to the material and spiritual incentive mechanism combining, exploring the allocation mechanism is conducive to the development of the company, the distribution according to work and distribution according to production factors combined, improve the annual salary system, job performance wage system.


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